June 7, 2011

Butterfly Style

Spread your wings and fly in our flirty-chic butterfly print maxi and mini dresses.

Freida Pinto wears a chic butterfly print out and about, and you can too with NawtyFox.com:

We always see updated butterfly prints on the runway every Spring and Summer season, and NawtyFox is right on trend.

NawtyFox carries tons of floor-sweeping maxi dresses and short, summery mini dresses. Our customers love our rich, lightweight, and cool poly/spandex blend, and they love our prices too. Head over to NawtyFox.com to find your inner butterfly today!

June 3, 2011

Grand Opening Special @ NawtyFox.com

Save 20% this weekend on all Summer mini and maxi dress purchases of $50.00 or more! Use coupon code “GDN0530” at checkout.  Offer expires Sunday, June 5th.

Don’t miss out on this Grand Opening Special… visit NawtyFox.com today!

Stylize your summer at NawtyFox.com

June 3, 2011

New Summer Minis

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising. NawtyFox is pleased to introduce several new mini-dresses to help you celebrate the sunshine!

Our styles range from halter top, tube top, asymmetrical, leopard print, tie-dye, and more… Mix and match minis with your favorite accessories for an awesome style that’s all your own.

Something for everyone at NawtyFox.com

June 3, 2011

NawtyFox.com Goes Live!

The highly anticipated NawtyFox.com website is up and running! You can now find costume, dancewear, lingerie, maxi dresses, and more in one convenient location.

-We would like to announce free shipping on all U.S. orders- no minimum required!

Thank you for supporting NawtyFox.com. We will be  introducing new products every month, and have a lot of exciting items in store you!

May 27, 2011

Too Cute Tutus

FYI: NawtyFox.com has a great selection of too pretty tutus

NawtyFox Tutus ❤

Although our tutus are perfect for dance and performance, we agree that they also work well off the dance floor. Tutus are gaining popularity as a flirty component to modern ensembles. Pair a tutu with a denim jacket and black boots for an edgy look. Or, wear a simple tutu with solid flats and crew neck t-shirt for a basic yet feminine look that can go anywhere.

NawtyFox also added a skirt-style tutu to their inventory. These versatile beauties are easy to wear and simply chic:

Also available in black

Check out these and more at www.NawtyFox.com where you will find quality tutus at outstanding prices.

May 27, 2011

Dancewear in Demand

As dance culture gains in popularity, dance wear is in higher demand than ever.

Beyonce knows what's best.

It’s clear that Beyonce loves dancing in leotards and unitards. They’re easy to move in, lightweight, and showcase the dancer’s body.

NawtyFox.com carries an extensive collection of dance wear from leopardprint bodysuits to spandex leggings.

NawtyFox also carries ice skating leotards and ballroom leotard dresses in both spandex and velvet. Each item is available in an array of colors and sizes at unbeatable prices.

Take a look and check out www.nawtyfox.com today! Our customers love our dance wear and you will too.

May 26, 2011

Calling all Catsuits

Can we talk about catsuits?

What to do with a catsuit:

A. Put it on

B. Look sexy

It’s just as simple as that. Catsuits amplify the female figure. They come in many colors, and Nawtyfox carries an array of colorful selections, but black catsuits have been a mainstay since their inception.

Beyonce has been making a lot of appearances in catsuits, and we all remember Britney wearing a red latex catsuit in her “Oops, I did it Again” video…

The black PVC catsuit made a memorable appearance in Madonna’s compelling “Human Nature” video, and perhaps the most well-known catsuit is worn by femme-fatale Catwoman of the Batman series:


For your benefit, NawtyFox.com carries an extensive collection of bodysuits at really affordable prices. We have metallic catsuits and PVC-like catsuits in so many different styles and colors that your sure to fall in love with one.

NawtyFox even has a similar version of the futuristic gold, black, and silver catsuit worn by Kelly Rowland on the red carpet:

Get this bodysuit on a budget @ Nawtyfox.com

Check out some of our customer faves below, and fly over to www.nawtyfox.com to check out these bodysuits, catsuits, and more…

May 25, 2011

Come Hither Corsets

Resistance is futile!

We’re all familiar with corsets; they’ve been around since the 1500’s.


Because they epitomize femininity and fashion. They’re seductive and captivating. A proper corset magnifies the beauty of a woman.

We are seeing lots of corsets lately; Lady Gaga and Katy Perry wore corsets on Elle and Vanity Fair Covers:

Katy & Gaga know whats up.

In addition to our already wide selection of corsets, NawtyFox has just received tons more! Check out some of our most populars tyles below and don’t forget to head over to NawtyFox.com for the best prices on chic corsets.

Visit NawtyFox.com today to get your hands on these delicious corsets and more at amazing prices!

May 25, 2011

Nawtyfox Model Search!

Nawtyfox Model Search!

May 25, 2011

Maxi-mized Fashion

Maxi dress season has officially begun!

Maxi dresses are all about style and comfort. Put on a maxi dress and two important things happen:

1. Voila! You look glamorous

2. You’re super comfortable

I mean, just look how amazing Hayden Panetierre looks in this simple yellow maxi dress. Oh, and keep in mind that she is walking her dogs!

Who knew glamor could be so simple?

NawtyFox has TONS of maxi dresses in stock. Throw on some strappy flats, oversized sunglasses, and you’re ready to go.

Just visit www.NawtyFox.com to find a huge variety of 2011 Maxi dresses at great prices.